Cogentix Research

Insight Solution

Data in itself doesn’t mean much unless insights are derived out of it. Cogentix Research strive to provide industry-leading research solutions and services that deliver high-quality insights.

Product concept testing

If you want to know the acceptability of your new product/ concept cogentix research can help you out with it. Ask your target audience few simple questions and launch your product with confidence.

Customer loyalty measurement

Helps you to understand what inspires the consumers to talk positively about your brand.

Brand tracker studies

Get rich insights into the brand metrics that matter – and dive deeper into what drives your brand’s performance now, and into the future.

Ad effectiveness studies

Are you targeting the right audience, with the right message, in the right environment? Our ad effectiveness studies give you the answers to the most important questions – ensuring your advertising strategy is always optimised for success.

Creative & ad testing

Maximise the impact of your advertisement by tracking how consumers react, respond and engage with your creative concepts.

Discrete choice modelling

Understand consumer preferences and what really influences the decision-making process. Investigate and predict how choices are made using specifically formulated questions.

Conjoint & MaxDiff analysis

Measure the value that’s placed on particular product features, packaging and design to understand how you can maximise your market share.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Want to increase your market share but not sure about which market levers needs to be worked upon? Our MMM solution helps you to understand how much each marketing input contributes to sales, and how much to spend on each marketing input.

Reporting Solution

Data cleaning

We detect and remove data that doesn’t meet our quality standards. We employ checks for speeders, Geolocation, Verbatim review, Profile validation, Straight lining, Attention tests and weed out those respondents who doesn’t meet quality standards.

Data weighting

To get data representative of a particular population weighting is used. We perform both simple weighting and RIM weighting as per our client’s needs.

Open Ended coding

Our team of expert coders read the verbatims (aka open-ended responses) collected from your survey and deliver actionable insights to drive business decisions.