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Cogentix Research is a growth-oriented company dedicated to facilitating clients in gaining profound insights into their consumers and ever-evolving markets, driven by disruptive technologies, emerging trends, and innovative communication platforms. Our unwavering commitment to our vision emphasizes the paramount importance of quality data in market research. Through our rigorous and dependable data collection methods, we ensure that our research solutions faithfully mirror the realities of the market, ultimately contributing to our clients’ sustainable growth.


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Audience Sampling

Our customer and B2B panels power thousands of research projects for some of the world’s most renowned brands. We are pioneers in sampling and are able to find niche, quality audiences across the globe.
🔶 The Survey Fieldwork Difference
B2B, B2C and Longitudinal Tracker Expertise. With millions of engaged survey participants worldwide, we specialize in providing insights in hard-to-reach demographics or firmographics from anywhere around the globe with a flexible dedicated project management team.
🔶 Faster Answers
Our ingenuity and agile approach to sampling delivers quicker turnarounds so you can make better-informed decisions about the future of your business.
🔶 Quality You Can Count On
Data quality is priceless, so we are consistently working to strengthen our quality methods. Our project teams are trained in quality data best practices and fraud detection and are transparent if something goeswrong, providing creative solutions along the way.

Enterprise Solutions

🔶 Survey Fieldwork’s platform is designed to simplify your data collection process and help you achieve your research goals in a single interface. No more dealing with multiple sample vendors or self-service tools – access everything you need through our enterprise-grade solutions. With our platform, you can access our proprietary panel, create standardized processes, and regulate workflows across your supply sources. Say goodbye to manual steps and hello to increased efficiency, allowing your teams to focus on more important tasks. You can manage end-to-end ordering, sampling, and project management operations from one user interface or API, ensuring faster quoting, project delivery, and simplified financial reconciliation processes.

🔶 Survey Fieldwork Enterprise solutions offer the option to create personalized technology products within one powerful API. You can integrate your existing tech-stack with our feature-rich APIs, leveraging continuous digital and data innovations. You can also access an ecosystem of Data Solutions and market research technology providers to accelerate your competition in the market.

🔶 Our Partner Success and Tech Support teams deliver end-to-end support and enterprise-grade maintenance SLAs. You can transform and accelerate your research processes, achieve step-changes in delivery speed and operational efficiency, and lay a foundation for accelerated innovation. Gain operational insights using Business Intelligence tools. Choose Survey Fieldwork for world-class service and expertise in research automation. Simplify your market research solutions and achieve your research goals with our powerful platform.

Security Measures

🔶 We take fraud in surveys seriously, whether it’s from individuals intentionally or unintentionally undermining the survey’s results or automated systems like bots. To combat this, we use various techniques such as tracking nefarious activities and professional survey takers, along with machine learning and mathematical tools to identify and root out trends.

🔶 Survey Fieldwork uses a proprietary algorithm called “SFW Fraud Score” to calculate the quality of a respondent’s answer. “SFW Fraud Score” is our advanced Machine Learning driven scoring system that measures individual survey respondent quality on a scale of 0-10. Respondents who fail to meet our standards are blocked from taking surveys. Our model analyses the profiles and behaviours of respondents and assigns a score based on how closely they match our ideal respondent image. This includes screening consistency, LOI, completion rate, and group behaviour based on demographics.

Survey Programming & Hosting

🔶 Looking to conduct market research for your business? Let Survey Fieldwork do the heavy lifting for you. Our in-house market research agency provides a one-stop-shop for all your research needs. With direct access to a team of field services professionals, project managers, data analysts, and
questionnaire designers, you can be sure that your research project is in good hands. At Survey Fieldwork, we take care of all the details, from coding your survey to ensuring its quality through our dedicated quality assurance team.
🔶 We understand the importance of speed in today’s business world, which is why we prioritize rapid data collection turnaround times. Our device optimized and engaging participant experience ensures that we provide you with faster answers. Our programmers also use advanced templates to save time and increase efficiency.
🔶 Stay ahead of the game with our cutting-edge analytics. Our real-time data cleaning and in-field reporting capabilities enable you to monitor your project closely, while our cloud-based analytics give you complete control over your data, allowing you to make faster decisions. Choose Survey Fieldwork for all your market research needs and experience the difference that comes with a team of professionals who truly care about your success.

Qualitative Fieldwork

🔶 Our Qualitative Fieldwork solution provides businesses and agencies with a powerful partner to gather valuable feedback directly from target customers using online IDI or online FGD modes. With our proprietary Recruiter engine, the platform matches marketers and researchers with potential Survey Fieldwork panelists, making real-time webcam interviews quick and easy. By specifying the target demographic and screening for a target customer through custom questions, businesses can get insights on their new designs, ads, and campaigns quickly, and quickly iterate their strategies based on that feedback.

🔶 Our team of professionals provides standard support to users with everything, from training resources to tech help and more. We drive value across a variety of product development, marketing and advertising, customer closeness, and competitive feedback programs. Our unique capabilities include enabling structured conversations and unmoderated feedback at scale, effortless coordination of scheduling and consent, maximizing respondent engagement, auto-generating never-before-seen insights, and easily sharing research insights and highlights.

Market Research & Insights

🔶 Cogentix Research offer a range of services to help agencies, brands, and researchers conduct successful online surveys. With access to one of the world’s largest consumer panel networks, Survey Fieldwork can help find the right audience for surveys, while Cogentix Research’s specialty research consultants can help with risk mitigation and methodology strategy.

🔶 Our consultants work closely with clients to ensure that research is planned and executed correctly from the start, with creative solutions developed to anticipate possible scenarios. From design to data analysis, they provide help at every step of the way, ensuring that clients get the answers they need for their business.
🔶 One of the key advantages of working with Cogentix Research and Survey Fieldwork is our commitment to quality control, which ensures that research results are reliable and accurate. With our expertise and experience, clients can be confident in their research outcomes, knowing they have received the support and guidance of industry leaders.

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At Cogentix Research, Our Success Matrix is your key to precise insights, customized solutions, and strategic success. With advanced analytics and a proven track record, we deliver timely, tailored research to drive your business forward. Discover excellence in market research – choose us!

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