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Data in itself doesn’t mean much unless insights are derived out of it. Cogentix Research strive to provide industry-leading research solutions and services that deliver high-quality insights.

Global and local analysis

Market Intelligence: Data, Insights & Reports

Markets are now competitive and dynamic. With routine disruption, your own data is essential to evaluating and managing your performance – but that’s just part of the picture. Only a 360-degree view can answer the important business questions that will make you successful.

We deliver actionable, objective insight.

Why Choose Us

Product concept testing

If you want to know the acceptability of your new product/ concept cogentix research can help you out with it. Ask your target audience few simple questions and launch your product with confidence.

Customer loyalty measurement

Helps you to understand what inspires the consumers to talk positively about your brand.

Brand tracker studies

Get rich insights into the brand metrics that matter – and dive deeper into what drives your brand’s performance now, and into the future.

Ad effectiveness studies

Are you targeting the right audience, with the right message, in the right environment? Our ad effectiveness studies give you the answers to the most important questions – ensuring your advertising strategy is always optimised for success.

Creative & ad testing

Maximise the impact of your advertisement by tracking how consumers react, respond and engage with your creative concepts.

Discrete choice modelling

Understand consumer preferences and what really influences the decision-making process. Investigate and predict how choices are made using specifically formulated questions.

Conjoint & MaxDiff analysis

Measure the value that’s placed on particular product features, packaging and design to understand how you can maximise your market share.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Want to increase your market share but not sure about which market levers needs to be worked upon? Our MMM solution helps you to understand how much each marketing input contributes to sales, and how much to spend on each marketing input.

We turn knowledge into an engine for sustainable growth for the shapers of tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Cogentix Research does conduct global market research. Utilizing our network of sampling partners, we can gather sample from almost any country in the world. In addition, we support the administration of surveys in multiple languages, including double byte languages like Chinese and Japanese.

Administration or “fielding” of an online market research survey typically requires 2-10 business days. The variables that affect fielding time include:

  1. The sample size
  2. The incidence of the target sample (i.e., the percentage of people in the population who meet your requirements)
  3. The length of the survey in minutes

Once these variables are determined, Cogentix Research can provide a projected timeline for your project.

A good customer satisfaction survey should include questions about key product or service attributes or characteristics such as pricing, service, courtesy, professionalism, quality, delivery, reliability, etc. There should also be general questions about likelihood to recommend the product or service to others and likelihood to repurchase or continue to use. These attributes can be used in a key driver analysis to determine which have the greatest impact on overall satisfaction.

We only believe in online modes of payment through MasterCard or Visa, or other authorized online payment gateways.


What Our Clients Say

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“One of the most crucial part of consumer research is data collection. In our regular collaboration with Survey fieldwork team, we find them very professional, dynamic, cost-effective and quality oriented. This team is highly recommended for support in your next data collection needs.”
Dr. Pushpender Nath
Director, Publicis Media
"One of the best market research companies. Amazing team that helps you 360 degree to understand your needs, provide you required market insights and help you land on the solution."
John J.
Marketing Head
"Cogentix Research is one of the best market research company which delivers quality work to it's client within the promised timeline."
Smith T.
Data Analyst

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